Tuina Chinese massage

Tuina massage is an energy (Qi) treatment that maintains, restores and promotes wellness. It is based on traditional Chinese manual techniques handed down for 3000 years. Together with Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Qigong, it constitutes the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In part, Tuina can be defined as “acupuncture performed with fingers”, because it uses the same points used in acupuncture. Tuina makes use of a series of manual techniques that regulate yin and yang, tonify Qi and allow it to circulate freely, by operating on the energy channels and the zang-fu (internal organs). Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation and enhance the functionality of muscles, tendons and joints. It is different from western massage in that it is usually performed on specific areas of the body. Usually, this kind of massage does not need the use of oils and can be performed on a massage bed or on a chair. It can be performed together with moxa. The combination of the two techniques greatly enhances the effect of the treatment.

Main treatments:

  • stiff neck and pain in the neck
  • pain in the shoulders
  • backache
  • pain in the joints

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