Relaxing massage

It is the typical total-body massage which is given on a massage table.

It has important effects on soothing the nervous system: it relaxes and is a powerful anti-stress. Reducing stress makes it possible to prevent or recover from many stress-related ailments:

  • pain in the back, shoulders, and neck
  • frequent stiffness and muscle aches
  • trigger points (muscle knots)
  • tiredness due to excess of psychophysical tension
  • tension headaches
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • ailments relating to the immune system, such as frequent colds or influenza, herpes and others.

It stimulates the venous and lymphatic return, facilitating the reabsorption of liquids.

Moreover, it improves the appearance of the skin which tends to regain its natural shine and elasticity.

It is based on circulatory massage,  a kind of massage that acts primarily on the circulatory system (venous and lymphatic) and muscles, and requires the use of oils. Circulatory massage, together with lymphatic drainage, is the staple of sports massage.

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